About the Butcher

Born and raised in Harrow, Ontario, I first wet my feet at a small, county butcher shop as a young teenager.  I've dedicated 17 years of my life to mastering the art & skills of a butcher; working, learning, researching and teaching an age old craft that has fallen out of step in current methods of purchasing and preparing food.

My approach is likely a bit different from the typical butcher that most people may have become accustomed to these days;  utilizing the whole animal to its fullest potential.

I've committed myself to the fine Ontario farmers that are putting forth such an amazing effort to rear their animals in the most respectable way they can.  Together, they are helping families bring an exceptional product to their table and feel good about what they eat.  It is their hope that their standards and practices will begin a lasting movement for a sustainable future for our area, where food animals are treated with the respect they deserve and encourage new farmers who share these values to join them.

how i can help

I've worked in almost every aspect of the butchery industry; from working with animals on the farm, small and medium sized abattoirs, retail grocers, restaurant wholesalers, retail and restaurant menu consulting, independent whole animal butcher shops, and teaching both hands-on private and high school and college level fabrication classes. I can most certainly advise and consult your meat operation and point you in the right direction for maximum efficiencies and profitability.  


Having a better understanding and appreciation of where your meat really comes from is important.

I consider it to be invaluable, and I hope to encourage everyone to make similar philosophical choices in respect to their food purchases.