Home Butchering Handbook

Home Butchering Handbook




About the Authors

Jamie Waldron first wet his feet at a small, country butcher shop as a young teenager. Since then, Jamie has dedicated his life to mastering the art and skill of butchering; working, learning, researching and teaching an age old craft that has fallen out of step with the current methods of purchasing and preparing food. His approach is likely a bit different from the typical butcher that most people may have become accustomed to these days; utilizing the whole animal to its fullest potential. Jamie advocates buying local, responsibly raised animals that are also antibiotic and hormone free.


Angela England is the author of Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less), a Living Free Guide, and a freelance writer who, along with her husband and four children, cultivates a ½ acre farm in their backyard where they manage to raise diary and meat goats, keep enough chickens for eggs and free-range poultry, and foster an intensively productive garden for fresh fruits and vegetables. With dirt under their fingernails, they started by cultivating a small garden and eventually took on chickens and goats. With time, their garden grew and they began expanding to parent bees, cultivate fruit trees, and manage a larger plot while shedding the conveniences of urban life. Angela is the Plants and Bulbs Feature Writer at Suite101 and founded the Untrained Housewife website in order to guide others in recapturing the lost arts of rural living. She also manages and maintains the Blissfully Domestic community with an additional 300,000 page views monthly and contributes to other sites and forums on a regular basis.

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