Butchery is a trade that's been gaining popularity over the years due to an increased awareness of what people are eating and how that food is being produced. Whether you're looking to become a butcher or simply to take more control of your dietary needs, my classes are geared to people of all abilities with all sorts of interests. I offer both hands-on and demonstration orientated classes in all sorts of venues. if you'd like to host or attend, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Upcoming Hands-On Classes;

Tuesday, April 11th, Steckle Homestead, 6:30PM. Hands-On Chicken

Tuesday, April 25th, Steckle Homestead, 6:30PM. Hands-On Pork

Wednesday, May 3rd, Cumbrae's Dundas, 6:30PM. Hands-On Pork

Tuesday, May 9th, Steckle Homestead, 6:30PM. Hands-On Lamb

Tuesday, May 23rd, Steckle Homestead, 6:30PM. Hands-On  Pork

What People Are Saying;

Jamie and I have been working together to offer butchery workshops for two years.  It has been such a pleasurable experience!  Jamie brings to his workshops a passion, a breath of knowledge, and such a simple and clear way of explaining the process. He takes a topic that some view as challenging and overwhelming and really breaks it down so that people leave feeling empowered and knowledgable in the art of butchery.

Ami Dehne – Founder, Minga Skill Building Hub

Our butcher demos have been one of the most successful events we’ve hosted at Rino’s Kitchen.  That success can be attributed to the skills and expertise that Jamie is able to share with our clientele.  His dynamic personality is able to connect with our clients as they are looking for a better understanding of the farm to table chain.

Rino Bortolin – Owner, Rino’s Kitchen

Jamie has helped me understand the art of true butchering. He has a passion for a profession that has been lost to mass production. When we started our shop Jamie worked with myself and staff, some with 25 yrs experience, to reintroduce finesse cutting and proper butcher practice. He has become not only a friend but a great teacher and my one go to man for everything butcher related.

Ty Truax – Owner, the Chop Shop